Wine and Champagne Tasting

Benefit 1

Tailored Tastings

Explore wines based on your preferences, from specific regions to grape varieties or thematic tastings. At Eugenia Somm, we make your tasting dreams a reality.

Benefit 2

Wine Selection

Each session features a curated selection of three exceptional high-quality wines. You have the final say, ensuring every sip resonates with your unique palate.

Benefit 3

All-Inclusive Service

We provide all necessary glasses and supporting materials, guaranteeing a seamless and stress-free tasting experience

How It Works

1. Personalized Consultation:

Begin your journey with a private consultation with our team. We'll delve into your taste preferences, desired event style, and budget.

2. Delivery and Presentation:

Sit back as we deliver the selection directly to your doorstep, ensuring a professional and seamless presentation.

3. Duration:

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Number of Attendees:

Not limits


Tailored to your group size and logistics. Please request a personalized quote.


From corporate events to private homes, or we can assist in finding the perfect venue. Group Size & Capacity:

Minimum: 6 participants ensure intimacy and depth.

Unique Benefits:

Enjoy a professional tasting experience from the place you choose our comfort of your home.
Wines and pairings tailored to your preferences and budget.
Learn from experts in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

For All

Tastes and Budgets

Our Home Tasting service is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a romantic evening, a casual gathering with friends, or an educational afternoon. Regardless of your event’s size or your wine knowledge level, our aim is to provide a memorable and enriching experience.

For Restaurants

Elevate your restaurant’s dining experience with meticulously curated wine tastings that demonstrate your commitment to culinary excellence and fine wines. At Eugenia Somm, we specialize in organizing tailored wine events directly at your establishment, fostering an engaging atmosphere that reflects your passion for gastronomy and viticulture.

These tastings transcend ordinary events; they embody your dedication to enriching the dining experience, allowing your patrons to delve into the intricate world of wines as an integral part of your restaurant’s offerings. Let us help you plan a refined event that will captivate your customers and reinforce your reputation as a culinary destination dedicated to the finer aspects of dining culture.

Ready for an Unforgettable Experience?