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An exclusive session tailored for connoisseurs, offering a rare opportunity to savor a unique selection of caviar from the finest and most prestigious producers.

Discover Excellence with Us

Delve into its rich history and distinctive flavors through our immersive tasting sessions and expert training.

Elevate your gourmet experience by purchasing our product in the U.S. and stand out with unparalleled quality.

Embark on an Unforgettable Sensory Journey.


Tastings and Degustation

Immerse yourself in hands-on sessions designed to fully appreciate and savor the product: exploring sensory and organoleptic aspects, delving into its history, varieties, production processes, nutritional properties, culinary uses, and indulging in guided tastings led by our experts, with discussion among all participants.

“Indulge in the world of caviar, revered as the quintessential gourmet delicacy and an iconic symbol of luxury.”

Under the expert guidance of a caviar connoisseur, embark on a journey through its rich history and tradition. Discover the intricacies of sturgeon species and the secrets of their harvesting, delve into the meticulous art of caviar production, learn to discern between varieties and qualities, master the art of selection and preservation, and uncover the nuances of proper serving and presentation alongside suitable accompaniments.

How it works?

Our caviar, an exquisite gourmet product, is imported directly from Chile, South America, ensuring its exclusivity and superior quality.

Enjoy a unique culinary experience by preparing an exceptional dish under the guidance of a live chef, and savor the superior quality of our product incorporated into your creation


Our service provides our select caviar, as well as the dishes and utensils necessary to taste the exquisite dish prepared.

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To ensure an unforgettable experience, it is necessary to have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 participants per event


The event will take place in a restaurant, as it is essential to have the appropriate kitchen and culinary tools available.

Time: 2 Hours

It is crucial to precisely set the time of the event, as the time you dedicate to this experience will result in tangible benefits for both your company and the quality of our service.

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